How true caller app works?

True caller a widely popular app which has been install by millions of people on their phone to check the details of unknown numbers and to get the answer that who is calling them? True caller is successfully providing the information about upcoming unknown calls.

In start true caller was an innovative work of two engineers who are successfully running the company of more than 50 brilliant minds of the world. But everyone has a question in their mind that how true caller works?

Here we can explain it in a simple way that from the true caller get the data.

  • Phone Book:

When a person install true caller app on his phone it will ask you to allow the app to access your phone book and allow the use of the phone book data for all other true caller user community worldwide. Once you accept it to install all the data of your phone book with their names store on true caller’s data base and ready for all the other audience of true caller app worldwide.

  • Facebook, Yahoo or Gmail:

True caller requires your data from Facebook, yahoo or Gmail and if you don’t use either of them you will not be able to use True Caller. All these three platforms are most popular and widely use social mediums which people use. True caller get detail of you including image, phone, name and email from your social profiles. It gathers information of not only yours but also of your friends which are in your social circles. For example the names of the friends and possibly their numbers which are added by you in your Facebook messenger list.

Can you hide yourself from True Caller App Database?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. If any of your close friend install this app its mean he give access to his phone book to true caller and your name and number is present in your friend’s phone book so in this case you cannot hide yourself on true caller data base. On social circle you can restrict your friend’s info for public by privacy but still your name and image etc. will be added to true caller for others.

The best way to hide your identity from true caller is to change your phone and then not to provide your number to those who use true caller app. Second you need to make a separate social media account in which you add your fake information and no phone number with hard privacy rules and then use this account on your phone to install true caller app in this method your fake name with your number will be save in true caller data base.

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