8 Habits of Highly Successful People In the World



1. Reading

Almost all rich and successful people who get success by their hard work have habit of reading books. Although they are less interesting in novels and stories but they read books which are motivational, inspirational, about some personalities and related to their fields. Mark Zuckerberg who is founder of Facebook (which is world’s largest social media site) read at least two books a years. He also created a book club with his name to provide online free reading facilities to book lovers around the world.

8 habits of highly successful people in the world reading


2. Early Wake Up

Successful people always wake up 3 to 4 hour early in the morning as compare to other people. They want peaceful environment where no one can disturb them. They do creative work, make new plans and analyze their plan for the coming days in those early hours.

8 habits of highly successful people in the world wake up early


3. Exercise

Exercise daily is another common factor seen in success people. They exercise daily at least from 30 minutes to one hour or even more than this. Exercise makes their brain smart and their capability of creativity and innovation increase then other. They always remain in happy mood and cool. They become problem solving people and happy to accept challenges. All these properties develop into them by doing good exercise daily.

8 habits of highly successful people in the world exercise


4. Multiple Businesses

Successful people never rely on one source of earning. They always expand their earnings by investing in different type of businesses. Warren Buffett is one of the famous richest successful business man, His famous quote is “You should not put all the eggs into one basket”. It means you should invest your all the money only in one business.

8 habits of highly successful people multiple business


5. Less Distraction (By checking email/social media once in a day)

Most of the successful people set a specific time in a day to check their emails and social media. They never sign in all the day or more hours in a day to keep themselves less distracted from their original work. Some successful people (Other than celebrities) only check social media once in a week.


6. Set Goals

The people who are victorious always set a goal for their future. The do not send the arrows in open air. They know what their goals are and then they make plans to achieve those goals. They stick to their goals even if take years to accomplish those goals.


7. Less Focus on Dressing and Hair Styles

Successful people are less interested in making hair styles and buying latest fashionable dresses for them (Other than celebrities). They never pay attention on fashion, most of the time they wear simple cloths without wasting time on selection of colors and styles. Mark Zuckerberg claim that he wears same color tea shirt and same trouser every day to avoid the wastage of time on selecting color for his dressing. Similarly Steave Jobs (the founder of Apple inc.) wore black tea shirt and blue pant most of the time in his life.

8 habits of highly successful people dressing


8. Prefer Business Over Job

Last thing which is common in all the people become successful is their preference towards their own business as compare to job. Most of them left their jobs and started their own ventures and some started their own work from start without doing any job. A Job can’t allow you to achieve your own goals, It actually makes you to work hard for some other person’s goal. Job doesn’t allow you to take decisions of your own. A business on the other hand always runs according to your own plans. Your dreams can only come true when you are free to convert your dreams into reality.

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